In the 70’s, artist Barry Windsor Smith partnered with three other artists: Michael Kaluta, Jeffrey Jones, and Bernie Wrightson. Each was renown in his own right and had extensive experience in the field of comic illustration. They rented a studio in Manhattan’s Chelsea district – “The Studio” – and pursued their creative goals together. Working in the same space, they provided one another with inspiration, encouragement, and camaraderie. For four years, they worked independently but in close proximity to create fantastic bodies of work. (See The Gorblimey Press.)

Outland Collective hopes to recreate this atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual inspiration in a virtual space. Each member brings a unique perspective and specialty to the group. Like members of The Studio, these artists work independently but share common goals and interests. Members have the chance to work alongside other artists in their field, feeding off each other’s creativity and showcasing their work.

Like a brick and mortar gallery, Outland Collective features a different member on the First Friday of each month. This is the virtual equivalent of a gallery show. The featured artist’s work is displayed on the front page of the Outland Collective site along with an interview and artist statement or bio.

Each artist contributes one unique piece per year to the gallery.  Limited prints are available for purchase through Outland Collective.

A weekly sketch post, contributed to monthly by the members of the gallery.

Previous Members:
Fred Lang
Gael Bertrand
Jeff Wamester
Mike Capprotti
Mike Faille

All rights are retained by the artists.