He is an illustrator who’s work embodies the honest, fresh, and organic soulfulness of day-to-day life beyond the gates of Faery. A treasure hunter at heart, ironhenry’s focus is on the journey of discovery, not on conquest. His approach to most pieces is to find the everyday in the fantasy.

A deviant for over 7 years, ironhenry is currently making a fresh start on dA. This blank canvas will soon teem with life again.


The following is an interview conducted between Outland Collective (OC) and the featured artist in November 2012.

OC. Did you attend college? If so, where did you go?
IH. Sure, state colleges mostly. I’ve studied, engineering, math, art, and education. I hope to teach art in an elementary school some day soon.

OC. Where or what do you draw inspiration from?
IH. The outdoors, human expression, what happened the other day, and other artists. A few living favorites include: Charles Vess, Barry Windsor Smith, Larry MacDougal, Mike Mignola, and Alan Lee.

OC. What projects are you working on currently? Where can we find it?
IH. I’m really looking forward to rebooting my portfolio, and contributing to Outland Collective.

OC. Is there a particular piece of artwork you are especially proud of?
IH. My favorite work has to be the pieces that I made in response to the sublime poetry of Carolyn Cox (aka. maenad77).