A precocious child of the 70’s, Kennon spent his formative years drawing dinosaurs and chasing armadillos. After seeing Star Wars, Rankin Bass’ “The Hobbit”, and a Kiss concert all within a year of one another he was irrevocably altered forever.

Kennon’s art has appeared in many mediums such as; boardgames, magazines, movies, books, and bird cage liners. He currently spends his days scribbling, playing video games, and flipping tires.

Kennon resides in the sleepy town of Hutto, Texas with his girlfriend, kids, dogs, cats, and fish.


The following is an interview conducted between Outland Collective (OC) and the featured artist in March 2012.

OC. Did you attend college? If so, where did you go?
KJ. Yup, The Art Institute of Houston.

OC. Where or what do you draw inspiration from?
KJ. Early on it was comics and old Dungeons & Dragons art. These days it comes from almost anything – I love looking at game art, playing video games, watching movies, reading books, etc…

OC. What projects are you working on currently? Where can we find it?
KJ. I am currently working on artwork for new expansion for The Red Dragon Inn boardgame. You can find Red Dragon Inn at fine game stores near you.

OC. Is there a particular piece of artwork you are especially proud of?
KJ. This always changes but I’d say my current favorite piece is “Cthulhu on a Bicycle.”