Frontier Heroine – Jeremy D. Mohler

Frontier Heroine - Jeremy D. Mohler

This was a pretty fun character study.

I got to work in some interesting costuming and I’m already rather partial to western themes. I sort of pictured this heroine as having been found and raised by a Native American tribe, but as an adult, she made her way back into the White world. I tried to add some elements of both cultures into her clothing and I really wanted her to not appear to be Native American herself, hence the very curly hair.

I freely admit, I was partially inspired by some old Clint Eastwood man-with-no-name images as well…


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4 responses to "Frontier Heroine – Jeremy D. Mohler"

  • The way she’s holding the weapons is very convincing…especially the axe. I always struggle with those pesky axes.

    It seems like we should be seeing a little more of her eyes…or maybe the hat brim needs to be just a tad lower. There,,,you just got my first critique:)

    Looking good as usual!

  • Hey Steve! Thanks for kind words! I’m glad that axe is working, heh.

    I admit that I struggled a little bit with the lower body and getting the pose right – I always seem to struggle a little bit unless I have plenty of time, but I was trying to move through this pretty fast. One of the main reasons I have trouble doing convention sketches (though I have been trying to relax and doing demos at school has certainly helped).

    I think you are right on the eyes – I think by the time I got there, I was trying to wrap up the drawing and I just cheated by covering the eyes up, haha. Thanks for the crit!

  • Mike Walton Mike Walton says:

    Achieved a spaghetti western feel. The wrap/ cape especially reminds me of Eastwood’s Blondie from The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly.

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