Better know as Aerion the Faithful throughout the internet, Nicolás R. Giacondino (N.R.G!), is a professional illustrator and comic-book artist, based in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

He began drawing at a young age and has since developed a fresh and unique style that has garnered much attention and acclaim from audiences and colleagues alike. His fan work on Games-Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 property as well as his recent webcomic projects FREE MARS, Divinity and his graphic novel UTOPIA, are some of the highlights of his career.


The following is an interview conducted between Outland Collective (OC) and the featured artist in December 2012.

OC. Did you attend college? If so, where did you go?
NG. I did attend a year in my hometown’s School of Arts, but I quickly realised that the best way for me to explore my full potential as an artist was being self taught. Thus, I left the school and attended various workshops, the most important being one dictated by famous argentine artist Enrique Breccia (Swamp Thing, Lovecraft, X-Men).

OC. Where or what do you draw inspiration from?
NG. I initially drew heavily from comics and graphic novels; especially european comics and its great masters. Nowadays, I find myself drawing inspiration from a lot of sources, mostly music and films. Anything creative enough to catch my eyes I’ll learn from and try to incorporate to my style.

OC. What projects are you working on currently? Where can we find it?
NG. I’m currently working on many projects; the most important being FREE MARS (freemarscomic.com) and Divinity (divinity-comic.com). They’re updated weekly, so that’s the most consistent source of material you’ll find when it comes to my artwork.

OC. Is there a particular piece of artwork you are especially proud of?
NG. I’m sure evryone says the same thing, but it’s true: I don’t think I could choose just one. I pour a bit of me in everything I do, so all of my pieces are special.