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Iron Henry
Frontier Heroine Challenge – ironhenry Thumbnail

Frontier Heroine Challenge – ironhenry

I don't have much to say about this one. I was thinking of Michonne at first, but I fell into figure-play and just doodled this out for a bit without any real direction. Oh well.

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Frontier Heroine – Jeremy Aaron Moore Thumbnail

Frontier Heroine – Jeremy Aaron Moore

I've been wanting to sketch something in this type of theme for a while. Something with a Victorian-esk clothed woman with her back turned towards us with some sort of threat behind her. I don't know who or what that threat is yet but I'll eventually figure it out. Originally I had thought of ha

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Iron Henry
Western Challenge – ironhenry Thumbnail

Western Challenge – ironhenry

I'm thinking this guy was so rotten that he was hated by both native and immigrant alike.  

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Steampunk Challenge! – Jarreau Wimberly Thumbnail

Steampunk Challenge! – Jarreau Wimberly

The American West was a strange and dangerous place.   After seeing all of the incredible Steampunk pieces, I realized this challenge was too good to let go. I just had to do one. @REAU

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