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Cthulhu Challenge – Kennon James Thumbnail

Cthulhu Challenge – Kennon James

"In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits driving." Well this was a fun one. I had an idea for it, did some thumbnails in my sketchbook, and it quickly got out of hand. I'm definitely going to take it to color at some point.

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Cthulhu Challenge – Steve Firchow Thumbnail

Cthulhu Challenge – Steve Firchow

Don't know much about Cthulu except that he's some sort of cosmic pervert. I dig music theater so it seems logical to me that there might be Cthulu...The Musical!!!

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Cthulhu Challenge – Nicolas Giacondino Thumbnail

Cthulhu Challenge – Nicolas Giacondino

As a fan of H.P Lovecraft, this challenge was tailored for my tastes. That said, I didn't want to go to the usual 'Giant Cthulhu showing his might' place; for me, Cthulhu is a dark deity better left in shadows and hazy legends. That way, his presence is even more terrifying and powerful. His min

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Iron Henry
Iron Henry
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Cthulhu Challenge – ironhenry Thumbnail

Cthulhu Challenge – ironhenry

I hope my research lent some accuracy to this drawing. I didn't know much about Cthulu prior to this challenge, save for a few images I'd seen around the Web. Pretty cool myth! I've started on a crochet version of Chtulu as well.

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Cthulhu Challenge – Jeremy D. Mohler Thumbnail

Cthulhu Challenge – Jeremy D. Mohler

This is something a little different from me. This is much more a "sketch" than what I usually do, which I generally call drawings. It's really rough and honestly, approached more like I'd approach a thumbnail. I'm not always comfortable working so loose and rough, and I'm not super excite

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