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Robot Challenge – Daniel Govar Thumbnail

Robot Challenge – Daniel Govar

I draw a lot of robots. I wanted to do something looser and quicker for this challenge, and have been digging this little grey tonal book I've been playing with when I go out for drinks with friends. Interestingly, When I posed the question to a bunch of artists I was drinking with at Motor Ci

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Nightmare Challenge – Daniel Govar Thumbnail

Nightmare Challenge – Daniel Govar

Getting back to these monthly challenges after being struck by a loss. I didn't want to tackle this one in particular at the time as my head just wasn't in the right place for it. Over the years I've learned sometimes it's best to say "no" to a project, or in this case, pick it up when you can giv

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Frontier Heroine Challenge – Daniel Govar Thumbnail

Frontier Heroine Challenge – Daniel Govar

I'm a little late to the party on this one. Also - when it comes to cowboys and Indians, I always go Indians. :) I've been using this new toned strathmore paper a lot lately for a project I'm playing with. It's a ton of fun - both the tan and grey tablets.

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February 2013 First Friday – Daniel Govar Thumbnail

February 2013 First Friday – Daniel Govar

For my First Friday image I knew I wanted to do a Dragon piece. It had been a while and I've been working on a story for a while now that has some of the winged creatures, but that I haven't had the opportunity to share. As is often the case, I tend to start pieces listening to music, and in this ca

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Introducing Daniel Govar! Thumbnail

Introducing Daniel Govar!

Please welcome Daniel Govar to the Outland Collective! I haven't known Daniel a super long time, we met him out at C2E2 this past summer (2012) and I was just blown away by his work.  Daniel does everything well, but his work with dragons was really inspiring, great compositions as well as tight

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