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Introducing Meg Gandy! Thumbnail

Introducing Meg Gandy!

Meg is another artist I have no idea how I found my way too. But, she was definitely one of those artists I knew immediately that I would have to follow and figure out a way to work with. Admittedly, I was quite excited when she said she would be interested in joining the Collective. I beli

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Introducing Steve Ellis! Thumbnail

Introducing Steve Ellis!

I first came across the work of Steve Ellis back when Zuda Comics was running. Zuda Comics was an imprint of DC that featured a monthly competition and webcomics. They had a pretty interesting variety of webcomics, chief among them (at least in my opinion) was one called High Moon. From what I un

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Introducing Richard Pace! Thumbnail

Introducing Richard Pace!

I fully admit, Before Daniel (Govar) suggested Richard as a potential member, I'd never actually heard of him. But, considering his LONG list of clients over the past 20 years, it's a little surprising. Richards pencils and ink work is nothing short of gorgeous and his color work is really lovely

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Introducing Nicolas Giacondino! Thumbnail

Introducing Nicolas Giacondino!

I've known Nic for years, now. I first found his work over at, where it jumped out at me as being something different and unique, but still very well done. His work with markers is really some of the best I've ever seen and he get's some really fantastic effects that I still don'

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Introducing Big Mike Walton! Thumbnail

Introducing Big Mike Walton!

I became aware of Big Mike Walton some months back when Daniel Govar and he collaborated on a short comic story over at Mike's webcomic anthology site False Positive. Their collaboration intrigued me, so I looked a little deeper into the site and was really knocked out by the work. Not only is Mik

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Introducing Fred Lang! Thumbnail

Introducing Fred Lang!

Like Jeremy Moore, I don't exactly recall where I first came across Fred Lang. But, I could tell from the first time that I set eyes on his work that I'd be following his progress as an artist as well as trying to figure out a time in which we could collaborate. Now, when I first came across F

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Introducing Jeremy Moore! Thumbnail

Introducing Jeremy Moore!

I'm not entirely sure where I first came across Jeremy's work - I'm sure it must have been on one of my many foray's into the wild blue internet. But the moment I saw his work, I was intrigued. Whether he's fully painting something or he's using more of a line approach, there's just a wonderful fe

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Introducing Daniel Govar! Thumbnail

Introducing Daniel Govar!

Please welcome Daniel Govar to the Outland Collective! I haven't known Daniel a super long time, we met him out at C2E2 this past summer (2012) and I was just blown away by his work.  Daniel does everything well, but his work with dragons was really inspiring, great compositions as well as tight

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Introducing ironhenry! Thumbnail

Introducing ironhenry!

Please welcome the latest addition to the Outland Collective roster, ironhenry! I've known ironhenry for many years now. I have always found his work to be inspiring, both his pencil work as well as his color work. I have also had the pleasure to work with him on several different projects and he

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Introducing Jarreau Wimberly!

Please welcome the latest addition to the Outland Collective roster, Jarreau Wimberly! I fully admit that I haven't known Jarreau very long, but not only did he come highly recommended by several of our current members, his work is absolutely stellar. I absolutely love his series of Thor images

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