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Self-Portrait Challenge! – Jeff Wamester Thumbnail

Self-Portrait Challenge! – Jeff Wamester

Self Portrait: Jeff Wamester: Mixed media This was fun!  I don't usually like to do that many portraits ( especially self portraits ).  But as I have got more "miles" on the pencil, it makes it a bit more enjoyable... think I might use this for my google id... :D

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Outland Collective

Introducing Jeff Wamester

Our latest addition this week is Jeff Wamester. I've known and worked with Jeff for years now. I've had the pleasure to work with him on a variety of projects, my own as well as for various clients, and he never fails to impress. I've been a fan of Jeff's since I first came across his work years

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Collective Artist Roster Thumbnail

Collective Artist Roster

One of the most exciting things about this little endeavor are the artists involved. I've found a brilliant group of artists to take part in this little collective.  When I began thinking about this, I wanted to find other illustrators who worked in full color.  I wanted the First Friday illust

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