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Dungeoneering101 Challenge – Kennon James Thumbnail

Dungeoneering101 Challenge – Kennon James

"I will flay your skin, feast on your eyes, and my pups shall gnaw on your bones, elfling!" So when I heard about the "Dungeoneering 101" challenge I immediately recalled a small thumbnail I did in a sketchbook about 6 years ago and I realized it would be a cool piece to do for the challenge.

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Robot Challenge – Kennon James Thumbnail

Robot Challenge – Kennon James

Inventor Phineus Tubberbottom wanted a mate to play chess with so he set himself to the drawing board. After hours of brainstorming and frustratingly failed designs, Phineus was awoken by a midnight inspiration (taken in no small part to his daughter's obsession with Mr. Potato Head) and Dr. Egghat

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Cthulhu Challenge – Kennon James Thumbnail

Cthulhu Challenge – Kennon James

"In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits driving." Well this was a fun one. I had an idea for it, did some thumbnails in my sketchbook, and it quickly got out of hand. I'm definitely going to take it to color at some point.

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Flight Challenge – Kennon James Thumbnail

Flight Challenge – Kennon James

When you finally realize you're a blood-sucking bona fide creature-of-the-night and you have to take to skies for some late night snacks... So after struggling with the "perfect" composition for "Flight" over the month of December, I took my own advice and just sat down and tried to keep the

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Western Challenge – Kennon James Thumbnail

Western Challenge – Kennon James

Sheriff Moonyham, or "Ol' Cretaceous" as the town folk call him was a stout but fair lawman that was not to be trifled with. He came from a mysterious past and it was rumored he was raised by injuns. The rumor reinforced by the strange medicine bag he always wore around his neck and his strange prop

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Myths and Legends Challenge! – Kennon James Thumbnail

Myths and Legends Challenge! – Kennon James

So here's the Krampus, the demon dude that follows Santa around and scoops up the bad children. Any excuse to draw satyr-rish type characters.

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