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Parents/Children! – Mike Capprotti Thumbnail

Parents/Children! – Mike Capprotti

  I've been wanting to paint Dimebag Darrell for a bit now and I saw this assignment as a good opportunity.  The concept is Dime is the "father" of this kids love for music.  I'm happier with the initial concept than the execution.  But here it is.  I had fun painting Dime though :-)

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Dragon Challenge! – Mike Capprotti Thumbnail

Dragon Challenge! – Mike Capprotti

Hey Guys! It's been a little while.  Sorry for the disappearing act.  Life as I know it has been flipped inside out and upside down over the last couple of months and unfortunately my work has suffered for it.  But I've finally made some time to get back in the game.  It's pretty rough as usual

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Artificial Intelligence Challenge! – Mike Capprotti Thumbnail

Artificial Intelligence Challenge! – Mike Capprotti

Hey Guys!  I got a little carried away with this one, but had a BLAST!  Took a very different approach and it's FULL of flaws, but I had a good time.  (Admittedly I used some bits of photos to save time for the windows and planes)  Hope you get a kick out of it.  :-) Mike

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Self-Portrait Challenge! – Mike Capprotti Thumbnail

Self-Portrait Challenge! – Mike Capprotti

Hey Guys!  Here is my humble first post to the Collective.  It was a bit rushed between client work, but a welcome distraction.  I haven't done a Self Portrait in a bit and I think this is one of the closest likenesses.  I hope you dig it, and I look forward to future challenges with everyb

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Introducing Mike Capprotti

I just wanted to take a quick moment and introduce Mike Capprotti! In all honesty, I was completely ignorant of Mike's work until a few weeks ago. Jeff Wamester suggested Mike as a potential member and I believe we were all impressed. Mike has a beautiful painted style, wonderfully exhibited by

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Collective Artist Roster Updated Thumbnail

Collective Artist Roster Updated

Hey folks! With great pleasure I'd like to announce our most recent addition to the Collective - Mike Capprotti. Mike will be posting his portrait later this week.

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