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Parents/Children! – Mike Faille Thumbnail

Parents/Children! – Mike Faille

Its mother-daughter day in the Underdark. These are some explorations for a possible illustration I might do.

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Myths and Legends Challenge! – Mike Faille Thumbnail

Myths and Legends Challenge! – Mike Faille

None of the crystal skulls in museums come from documented excavations. Sadly, they're all believed to be fabricated in the late 1800s early 1900s. Oh well, the legends are false. Here's a quick sketch anyway.

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Steampunk Challenge! – Mike Faille Thumbnail

Steampunk Challenge! – Mike Faille

Steampunk isn't really my thing, but here is a coal-powered ghoul for ya.

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April 2012 First Friday – Mike Faille Thumbnail

April 2012 First Friday – Mike Faille

First Friday challenge. I tried for a Hellboy style color-palette. Not quite there. I'll have to go back in and render it a bit at some point, but here it is.

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Self Portrail Challenge – Mike Faille Thumbnail

Self Portrail Challenge – Mike Faille

Ok I'm a big cheater. My actual self portrait attempt tanked. I'm not showing it to anyone. However, I feel strongly that this recent painting depicts what I would look like if I were some sort of Orc general ;)

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Outland Collective

Introducing Mike Faille

I stumbled on Mike Faille through The Art Order. I was totally blown away by his incredibly clean and tight linework, not to mention his colors. Needless to say, I was an instant fan and knew that I would have to work with him in some way, shape, or form at some point. When it came time to st

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Collective Artist Roster Thumbnail

Collective Artist Roster

One of the most exciting things about this little endeavor are the artists involved. I've found a brilliant group of artists to take part in this little collective.  When I began thinking about this, I wanted to find other illustrators who worked in full color.  I wanted the First Friday illust

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