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Botanical Threat Challenge – Nicolas Giacondino Thumbnail

Botanical Threat Challenge – Nicolas Giacondino

In a world made of silicon and metal alloys, a quiet romantic walk turns into a nightmare at the sight of a poisonous organic plant menacingly growing out of a dark alley's bowels. Where's the Organic Control Enforcers when you need 'em?

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Dungeoneering101 Challenge – Nicolas Giacondino Thumbnail

Dungeoneering101 Challenge – Nicolas Giacondino

The worst part of dungeoneering is not finding your way out.

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Robot Challenge – Nicolás Giacondino Thumbnail

Robot Challenge – Nicolás Giacondino

Hi folks! Better late than never, as they say. This month's challenge was a tad difficult, even when it seemed tailored to my skills at drawing machinery and technology. It's the fact that I draw science fiction so often that had me wondering how could I come up with something original amidst

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Nightmare Challenge – Nicolas Giacondino Thumbnail

Nightmare Challenge – Nicolas Giacondino

This piece came from strange depths and maybe fittingly so, since the challenge was to draw a nightmare after all. However, and to add a little twist, I drew something nightmare-ish, rather than a nightmare in itself. Hope you enjoy!

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Frontier Heroine – Nicolas Giacondino Thumbnail

Frontier Heroine – Nicolas Giacondino

Hi again, fellows! When I saw the list of challenges included a 'Frontier Heroine', I was thrilled. I've had this character popping up many times these past years and there's a whole story to her, which I will most likely draw when I have the time. I hope you enjoy!

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Cthulhu Challenge – Nicolas Giacondino Thumbnail

Cthulhu Challenge – Nicolas Giacondino

As a fan of H.P Lovecraft, this challenge was tailored for my tastes. That said, I didn't want to go to the usual 'Giant Cthulhu showing his might' place; for me, Cthulhu is a dark deity better left in shadows and hazy legends. That way, his presence is even more terrifying and powerful. His min

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January 2013 First Friday – Nicolas Giacondino Thumbnail

January 2013 First Friday – Nicolas Giacondino

Hello once again to all, As you all might imagine, doing the First Friday piece of January 2013 was quite daunting. Not only am I under the scrutiny of extremely talented colleagues, but I also have a certain debt to all the people who are kind enough to like my work to deliver something akin to

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Flight Challenge – Nicolas Giacondino Thumbnail

Flight Challenge – Nicolas Giacondino

Well, here's my first challenge image, which I hope you all enjoy. I found flight, as a theme, to be more tricky than I would've thought and even though I have drawn many flying objects/creatures/vehicles, deep down, I'll always associate flying with superheroes. They are, to me, the epitome of our

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Introducing Nicolas Giacondino! Thumbnail

Introducing Nicolas Giacondino!

I've known Nic for years, now. I first found his work over at, where it jumped out at me as being something different and unique, but still very well done. His work with markers is really some of the best I've ever seen and he get's some really fantastic effects that I still don'

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