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Parents/Children! – Mike Capprotti Thumbnail

Parents/Children! – Mike Capprotti

  I've been wanting to paint Dimebag Darrell for a bit now and I saw this assignment as a good opportunity.  The concept is Dime is the "father" of this kids love for music.  I'm happier with the initial concept than the execution.  But here it is.  I had fun painting Dime though :-)

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Parents/Children! – Mike Faille Thumbnail

Parents/Children! – Mike Faille

Its mother-daughter day in the Underdark. These are some explorations for a possible illustration I might do.

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Parents/Children! – Jeremy D. Mohler Thumbnail

Parents/Children! – Jeremy D. Mohler

Hey folks! It's a new month and so it's a new challenge. This particular challenge proved to be a bit rough. Not only am I out of my element (up in Wisconsin as I type this), but the subject matter left me with a humdinger. What do you illustrate for an illustration about parents and children?

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