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Robot Challenge – Daniel Govar Thumbnail

Robot Challenge – Daniel Govar

I draw a lot of robots. I wanted to do something looser and quicker for this challenge, and have been digging this little grey tonal book I've been playing with when I go out for drinks with friends. Interestingly, When I posed the question to a bunch of artists I was drinking with at Motor Ci

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Robot Challenge – Nicolás Giacondino Thumbnail

Robot Challenge – Nicolás Giacondino

Hi folks! Better late than never, as they say. This month's challenge was a tad difficult, even when it seemed tailored to my skills at drawing machinery and technology. It's the fact that I draw science fiction so often that had me wondering how could I come up with something original amidst

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Robot Challenge – Kennon James Thumbnail

Robot Challenge – Kennon James

Inventor Phineus Tubberbottom wanted a mate to play chess with so he set himself to the drawing board. After hours of brainstorming and frustratingly failed designs, Phineus was awoken by a midnight inspiration (taken in no small part to his daughter's obsession with Mr. Potato Head) and Dr. Egghat

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Meg Gandy
Robot Challenge – Meg Gandy Thumbnail

Robot Challenge – Meg Gandy

There is actually a sizable robot collection occupying our kitchen. And a growing collection of robot ornaments on our christmas tree. Which is to say, we like robots. I'll probably be spending most of my challenges on pure character design, because that's the most fun ever.

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Robot Challenge – Jeremy D. Mohler Thumbnail

Robot Challenge – Jeremy D. Mohler

I'm running a little behind this month, mostly due to the fact that my wife and I just had another little girl. She just turned a month old, already! Anyway, juggling parenthood with freelance work and teaching has left me without as much time as I generally prefer. Plus, robots are a littl

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Robot Challenge – Big Mike Walton Thumbnail

Robot Challenge – Big Mike Walton

I started out doodling a spider inspired robot until I suddenly realized it looked an awful lot like something out of The Matrix.  That got me thinking about movie robots.  My mind quickly jumped from Robby the Robot to one of the most sinister movie robots of them all. "It's a robot. Ash is a go

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Robot Challenge – Richard Pace Thumbnail

Robot Challenge – Richard Pace

  Remembered too late last night that it was my turn to post a challenge. Few things; not a huge robot fan, so it gets a little difficult to conceptualize one without a guiding brief.  Played around with a tank-robot and a saber-tooth tiger based robot before I got frustrated and whi

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