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Frontier Heroine – Steve Firchow Thumbnail

Frontier Heroine – Steve Firchow

  Hey Jeremy...Its official...I made a drawing in two hours and fifteen minutes!  This one!!! I was going to skip this challenge but our discussion about drinking and drawing sparked this idea.

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Cthulhu Challenge – Steve Firchow Thumbnail

Cthulhu Challenge – Steve Firchow

Don't know much about Cthulu except that he's some sort of cosmic pervert. I dig music theater so it seems logical to me that there might be Cthulu...The Musical!!!

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Flight Challenge – Steve Firchow Thumbnail

Flight Challenge – Steve Firchow

A Mantis Shrimp, a Quadcopter and  three Sopwith Camels came together and had a baby. I actually caught a  Mantis Shrimp in Vanuatu once. I was poking around a reef with a rusty piece of re-bar and something hit it so hard that it rang like a bell and vibrated my hand.  I got the violent littl

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Dragon Challenge! – Steve Firchow Thumbnail

Dragon Challenge! – Steve Firchow

Dragons are tough because they've ALL been done.  I'm a big Robert Bateman fan. I tried to capture some 'Bateman-Sauce' in this picture. The line sketch was done yesterday and I did the photoshop/paint stuff today.

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July 2012 First Friday – Steve Firchow Thumbnail

July 2012 First Friday – Steve Firchow

Its been 5 years since I painted with oil and I will be the first to admit this image has a bunch of problems. Still, it was fun to work with real paint again. OG="17 by 35" Avalon is a town on Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California. My wife and I had our honeymoon there and a

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Myths and Legends Challenge! – Steve Firchow Thumbnail

Myths and Legends Challenge! – Steve Firchow

Manwë...King of Arda, brother of Melkor. He lives atop Mount Taniquetil, the highest mountain of the world. The winds and airs are his servants as well as those that move through them. He is the greatest in authority, but not in power, of all the Valar. This is supposed to look like a s

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